Compassionate Bay

Student Fellowship Program

Compassionate Bay, a grassroots animal rights political advocacy group that has passed groundbreaking legislation prohibiting the sale of fur in San Francisco and Berkeley, is accepting applications for its student research fellow program.

The program will place students alongside co-founder and former Northwestern Law professor Wayne Hsiung in an approximately 3-6 month program depending on student availability on one of the following projects: (1) policy research on impacts of statewide fur ban legislation; (2) political science research to inform best practices for grassroots political advocacy; (3) legal and policy research to assist in drafting policy to increase transparency regarding animal cruelty in food systems; (4) assist in conducting a randomized controlled trial on political advocacy methods.

Fellows will be chosen based on proven academic merit, experience with social justice activism, team skills, and commitment to animal rights. Compassionate Bay has a commitment to diversity, and applicants from diverse backgrounds are encouraged.

Position: Student Research Fellow


  • Research on key stakeholders in California politics with regard to fur industry

  • Research on political science to inform grassroots state-level political advocacy

  • Drafting memos to compile policy research on California AB 44

  • Legal and policy research on municipal consumer transparency legislation

There may be other roles available based on applicant interests and capabilities, including web design, communications, and public relations.


  • Research and writing abilities

  • Ability to work remotely and in teams

  • Availability for weekly check-in meetings on Cal campus

  • Minimum 4 hour per week time commitment

There will also be opportunities to connect with other animal rights groups for leadership, organizing experience, and paid student fellowships.

Duration: approximately 3-6 months for either UC Berkeley spring semester, summer, or duration of CA fur ban campaign based on student availability

How to apply

Email a resume and cover letter to Also feel free to email any questions about the position prior to applying. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis through Sunday, March 3.