Californians: Send a message to the SEnate Appropriations Committee before August 25th.

Position Letters:
The fiscal analyses prepared by the Appropriations Committee staff do not list support and opposition, so they do not have a deadline to receive position letters (however AB-44 will exit the suspense file at the end of august 2019).  Any letters submitted to the committee will be retained as part of the committee’s legislative record.

Always write at the top of your letters “Statement in support of AB-44”.

Here are the following ways you can submit a letter (Sample Letter here):

  1. Electronically via the California Legislature Advocates Portal:
    This portal is available to individuals, advocates, and lobbyists. You will have to create an account. Please see the Advocates Portal Reference Guide for more information. For more instructions on sending messages through the portal, go here.

  2. Hand deliver to the Committee office in State Capitol Room 2206

  3. Mail to:
    Senate Appropriations Committee
    California State Capitol, Room 2206
    Sacramento CA 95814

  4. E-mail letters directly to the consultant working on the bill. Call (916) 651-4101 to find out the consultant’s name or see the Committee Staff Assignments.

Please note:

Position letters delivered to the committee are not forwarded to the members of the committee.  You are encouraged to hand deliver or mail your letter to each member individually.  Please see the Committee Roster for full contact details on each member of the committee.