Making a phone call to your representative’s office is easy and takes just 2 minutes. It doesn’t require in-depth knowledge about the bill. All you need to do is say is I’m calling in support of the Statewide Fur Ban, AB 44. I want to urge Senator_______ to support it and then give the staff your name, address and/or zip code when asked. Below are more detailed instructions for finding your representatives and making calls.

To find your senator’s name and phone number, click here.

The best time to call is during normal, weekday business hours. Be polite and speak clearly.

Script: Your call will most likely go something like this:

**Ring ring ring ring**

  • Aide: Senator _______’s office, how may I help you? 

  • You: I’m calling in support of the Statewide Fur Ban, AB 44. I want to urge Senator (last name) to support the fur ban.

  • Aide: Okay, I’ll relay that to the senator. What’s your zip code?

  • You: 94110 (or whatever your zip code is)

  • You: Do you know if the senator is supporting the bill? 

  • Aide: I don’t know. (probably)

  • You:  I certainly hope she (he) does because the fur industry is very cruel to animals and some of the chemicals they put on fur to preserve it are carcinogenic and damaging to the environment.

You can then give a more few brief reasons or just say “thank you” and end the call. If they ask where you live or your zip code, be sure to tell them. They want to be able to verify that you live in their district, otherwise they may not count your message.

If no one answers and you get the answering machine:

Though it’s best to call during normal business hours to talk to a staff member, it’s also okay to leave a voicemail. In your voicemail, you can say something like:

“My name is __________. I live in Berkeley (or wherever you live) and I’m calling to urge the senator to support the Statewide Fur Ban, AB-44.  In this state we are very concerned about animal cruelty, and the fur industry is one of the cruelest. Please follow the lead of cities all over the state like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Berkeley, and West Hollywood, and ban the sale of fur. Let’s keep California on the right side of history! My zip code is ________.” 

And that’s all there is to it!

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