Stop The
King Amendment!

If the King Amendment is passed, it would nullify vital laws protecting animals, including prohibitions on abusive “puppy mills,” the horse-meat ban in Illinois, and the fur ban in San Francisco. This would be devastating for our efforts to change laws for animals. We need your support to ensure that this dangerous legislation is not passed!

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An ethical revolution is stirring, as citizens of the world recognize that all animals deserve respect and compassion. The Compassionate City Campaign will ignite a movement for change, one neighborhood, university, or city at a time. 


Tier 1: Bearing witness

(Target date: 2019) Horrific acts of animal cruelty are routine at slaughterhouses in our communities worldwide, yet the suffering animals are hidden from site by powerful corporations that profit on ignorance and fraud. We will bear witness to the suffering of animals, and shine light on the injustice. Bearing witness is defined by Tolstoy as not looking away but coming closer, as close as you can to a suffering animal, and trying to help her.

  • Promote the duty for everyone to bear witness and meet and try to help the victims, formally acknowledge the consciousness of animals, require warning statements on or near products of violence, and ban fraudulent “humane” animal products. 
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Tier 2: Saving Life

(Target date: 2021) The slaughter of non-human animals is the largest mass killing in history, and, if it continues unabated, threatens all life on this planet, including human beings. We will end the slaughter of animals and build communities focused on rescuing, and not taking, life.

  • Ban the slaughter of animals, provide sanctuary for exploited animals, run Carnivores Anonymous meetings, and protect the act of animal rescue in your city.

Tier 3: Investing in Peace

(Target date: 2023) Hundreds of billions of dollars are given to companies that exploit and kill animals, in one of the largest corporate welfare programs in history. We will reshape our economic priorities to deter violence and support a peaceful world for all sentient life.

  • End subsidies for animal-exploiting corporations, promote animal-friendly alternatives, and create a regulatory system that protects all sentient life and funds sanctuaries for victims of violence.
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Tier 4: Enshrining an Animal Bill of Rights

(Target date: 2025) Social movements over the past 200 years have expanded our moral universe beyond the frontiers of race, gender, and nationality. We will enshrine the right of all sentient beings to be free from violence and exploitation.
Pass a local ordinance in support of the 28th Amendment to the Constitution, granting animals the right not be treated as property (whether for clothing, meat, experiments, or any other purpose), and to live safe, happy, and free