As of 8/21/19, there are 3 stages left to the finish line:

Currently, AB-44 is in the Senate Appropriations Committee, which assesses the financial aspects of the bill. Because the bill will cost California more than $150k, it is on something called the “suspense” file. Some bills never come off of that file, and die there. But, if the Committee Chair (Anthony Portantino), the bill author (Laura Friedman), and the committee consultants view the bill favorably, it will be released from the Suspense file at its Appropriations Hearing on August 30th.

If the bill is successfully released from the Suspense file, the next step is the full Senate Floor Vote. 40 Senate members vote, and we need at least 21 of them to vote yes (a simple majority). So far, 9 Democrats have voted yes in previous committee votes and we need 21 total to vote yes (not abstain), and so we need all Californians to reach out to their state Senator to ask for their yes vote. The vote will happen between September 3rd and 13th.

If it passes the Senate, it moves to Governor Newsom’s desk. He can sign it, veto it, or ignore it. If he ignores it, it automatically becomes law after a certain number of days. The last day for him to act on a bill is October 13th. 

Let me know if you have questions.

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