Find and call/email your state Senator through a free text message service called Resistbot.

If it’s your first time using Resistbot, any command you send will prompt it to request your general information so that it can identify who your Representatives are. Enter your info when asked. Your info will then be saved for all future commands.

CALLING: To find who your State Senator is, and his/her phone number:

  • Text numbers state to the number 50409. 

  • Click your Senator’s phone number to dial it (preferably during business hours) and say “Please vote yes on AB-44, the California fur ban.”

EMAILING: To email your state Senator and Assemblymember (it’s okay that AB-44 already passed the Assembly; you can send it through this service anyway):

  • Text state to the number 50409

  • Reply with state legislature

  • Follow the instructions. Write the body of your email. It can be as short as “Please support the California fur ban, AB-44, because fur is cruel, unnecessary, and terrible for the environment!” Send the message when you are done.

  • When you are done writing the message, text done.

  • Follow instructions. Resistbot will submit your message for you.

The above actions can be repeated at any time. Text commands to 50409 to see a list of commands.

Text  numbers state  to the number  50409 .

Text numbers state to the number 50409.