Californians, USE the button above, OR Send one email per bill through the portal. To see all the descriptions of these bills, go here.


AB 44 - Fur Ban Bill - Senate Appropriations Committee. Support.

AB 733 - Aquatic Toxicity - Senate Appropriations. Support.

Ab 1260 – Ban on Exotic Skins - Senate Appropriations. Support.

AB 572 - California Deforestation-Free Procurement Act - Senate Appropriations. Support.

SB 313 - Animals: prohibition on use in circuses - Assembly Appropriations. Support.

SB 64 - Pet Microchipping Bill - Assembly Appropriations. Support.

SB 202 - Blood Bank - Assembly Appropriations. Support.

AB 273 - Ban Fur Trapping - Governer’s Desk . Support.


AB 719 - Crocodile Skin Sales - Senate Appropriations. OPPOSE.


To use the portal, you will first have to register and create a login. Then you can send multiple emails through it.

  1. Login to the portal.

  2. Enter the Measure name and number (i.e. AB 44) and click “Search”. Make sure the right bill comes up.

  3. Click the dropdown box under “Select a Committee” to ensure that the correct committee is chosen (see list above/left). There is a big difference between Assembly Appropriations and Senate Appropriations, so choose the right one!

  4. Click “Support” or “Oppose” (see list above/left)

  5. Write short message. You can literally just write something as short as “Please support AB-44 because the fur industry is very cruel!”.

  6. Click Submit.

  7. Click “Return to note submission page” to send the next message.