If you don’t know who your California State Senator is, find them here first.

Sample Email:

The legislators pay more attention to unique messages, so if you use this sample email, edit it to reflect your own voice as much as you can. The contact form only gives you 2000 characters.

Dear Senator _______,
I am one of your supporters and a resident of your district. Please support AB 44, the statewide ban on the sale of animal fur. As I’m sure you know, the fur industry is extremely cruel to animals, [add something personal like, “including dogs just like my own family members.] California residents care about animals, as we have shown over and over at the ballot box. Numerous cities in the state have already banned the sale of fur. Let’s end the cruelty toward fur-bearing animals throughout the state! Thank you. 


[Your name]

Click on your Senator’s name below and you will be taken to their email form page (make sure to highlight and copy the above message if you plan to use it):

You can also email your Senator through text message.